Monday, November 2, 2009


Sorry I have not updated the main page lately, I have been under the weather. I may or may not have contracted this sickness from the Paramore concert that I went to...but it was worth it!

The tentative date for the first episode of the podcast is January 2010. The episode could come out earlier than that, but not later. Right now I will be tackling Bab's history in chronological order, beginning with her first appearance in 1967. As this is "my baby," so to speak, at least the first episode will be run by myself alone. I already have plans for future guests, and I may, at a later date, take on a co-host. We shall see what the future holds.

I'm actually really surprised by everything that has come from a single, passing thought in my mind. Once again, I would really like to extend my thanks to everyone who has helped me so far!

Haha, what's ironic is that I have not even posted an episode on Podomatic and I already have 60 friends...what's that about?

Ex animo,

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