Saturday, December 19, 2009

Episode 1:

In this momentous first episode, I thank the people who were most helpful to me, talk about myself, answer the question "Why Babs?," discuss my expectations for the show, Batgirl news, reviews of Detective Comics #359 and Batgirl Vol 2. #1 and my literature recommendation.

Don't worry...I'm working on correcting the wind in the next episode.


  1. I really like your intro. Where can I get some Afro-Away by the way? For you boyfriend of course. I request that possibly you can speak louder? I had all my volumes up and had slight issues hearing you. Though it's not your fault my parents are loud. OMG MILEY CYRUS?? I HAVE NOT HEARD THIS. I think that her acting ablities, having to hear batgirl with a country accent and Christian Bales lung cancer voice together, and Miley Cyrus as an existance makes me acutally perfer Alicia Silverstone and possibly make me wanna spoon our my own eyes and cut off my ears.

    LOL I love how Batman "already knew how to get out" he was just seeming like he was taking his time, maybe wanted to wait and see if Mothman wanted to have coffee and cake or something. Like really? Agreed the girl needs her credit. lol.

    When you said that thing about Batman changing quickly, it reminded me of that old Paul Dini issue, (I don't remember the title sorry) where they are at the mall and it's Christmas time, and Harvey Bolluck was santa, chaos breaks out and Barbara runs to the dressing room to change and says something like "18 seconds, Ha! I would love to see Robin beat that!" :D

    I love being farewelled by a Broadway Choir. I think that's how I want to die, with a team of former broadway stars singings "Goodbye!" lol

    I liked to podcast, I learned a few things. It was interesting and funny.

  2. also I really like that band Fireflight, I will definately have to check them out. :D

  3. You know, I was just thinking that this sight needed more podcast and, low and behold, there is more podcast.

    Congrat's on getting it out early Stella.


  4. I really enjoyed this podcast. Babs is my favorite Batgirl too, ever since the old Batman TV show from the 60's. I'm not sure if you know this, but the producers were thinking of a Batgirl spinoff series. They even made a 15 minute pilot with Killer Moth invaded the library. I think I saw it on Youtube.

  5. Well I just listened to the entirety of your podcast and I must say, it was pretty fun :). I used to read quite a bit of Batman/Detective comics and then switched over to the Marvel universe with spidey, the avengers, the incredible hulk, and the x-men. With BND (urggg!!), I've switched back and it's great catching up on DC's heroes/villains once again.

    I must admit I still don't know much about Babs. I've read up to the point where she was shot by the joker, but I'm fuzzy on the events that followed.

    I look forward to hearing more about the character :). Great podcast!!

  6. can you talk louder next time :)

  7. hey i really like your podcast i prey that you do more then seven