Saturday, February 6, 2010


There are a few changes that happened in the past hour or so. One of which you can plainly see on the right side of my page. Yes, I have started drinking the Kool-Aid and I created a Face Book page for Batgirl to Oracle. Become a fan!...please!

Also, I have also created a PayPal account for the podcast. This came at the insistence of one of the listeners, and I suppose it is a good idea in case I do happen to find a real-life sponsor. You can donate (if you want) via my Podomatic page, or right here on the site. Now, as a caveat (because it makes me nervous soliciting donations), ALL of the proceeds earned will go directly toward the podcast, either in producing the podcast or buying research material (ie. comics) for it. I will in no way be using the donations for corrupt or personal purposes, nor will I attempt to resurrect Julius Caesar or Juliet Burke.

Thank-you in advance for anything, everything, or nothing. I feel everyone's support every time I post a new episode.

Fly on, Babs lovers!

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