Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Batgirl: Year One DTV Petition Update

As I write this, there are 388 signatures on the "Put Batgirl: Year One Back in Production" petition! Yes! Thanks for all of the support! Thanks, especially, to those who have helped to spread the word:

Jeffrey O'Taylor Brien host of the Superman Homepage
Shagg Matthews host of Once Upon a Geek
Jill aka The Nerdy Bird host of Has Boobs, Reads Comics
spiderfan970 over at Spider-Man Crawl Space (who spread the word which ended up getting Lauren Montgomery to comment and share the true culprits behind the decision!)
Walter 'That Guy' host of BTP
Dustin and everyone over at The Batman Universe

I hope that I am not forgetting anyone...thanks to all of the promoters of the petition and all of you who have signed it! It has not even been a month since I started the petition and it is gaining speed. It would be fantastic to get 1000 signatures before the end of the summer, at which time I will be sending all of my letters. Is that too much? I think not! Let's do it, people! Let's get Batgirl: Year One back among the world of the living!

Ex animo,


  1. Since I don't think a petition has much chance of success, may I suggest a different approach? Step 1.) Start raising capital. (Continue during succeeding steps.) Step 2.) Purchase from TimeWarner the license to make a Batgirl:Year One direct-to-DVD animated film; they will be happy to sell it to you under the right circumstances. (They'll probably want some kind of oversight to safeguard their intellectual property.) Step 3.) Hire directors, screenwriters, animators, voice actors, and all the other people necessary to produce the film. Step 4.) Produce the film. Step 5.) Find out the hard way if a market exists for such a film. Profit or don't.

    Please don't think I'm being flippant or sarcastic about this. This is how the Salkinds made the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. They purchased the licenses and made the films. You don't have to wait for TimeWarner to decide it's a good idea. They'll be happy to pocket the licensing fee, since it's guaranteed profit for them; you're taking all the risks. But I guarantee you that TimeWarner will take producers with capital much more seriously than they'll ever take an internet petition. Best of luck, either way.

  2. Well, if I ever win the lottery I guess I know to whom the money will be going!