Monday, June 28, 2010

Episode 8:

Am I ever going to get a co-host? Am I dreading Nightwing Annual #2? And where exactly are Barbara Gordon (Sr.) and James Gordon Jr.? I answer these questions and more! Kimberley Rockmore reports on Batman: Year One DTV, the rumors surrounding White Canary, and a surprise involving Bryan Q. Miller. I review Batman #214, Detective Comics #392 and #393, and Birds of Prey vol. 2 #1! I then wrap up the show with my literary recommendation and a special character spotlight on X-23.


  1. Great episode, really enjoyed it. My only beef would be timeliness. I guess I'm just impatient to know what your thoughts were on BoP #2. Can't wait!

  2. Yes, I get my comics later than they come out so that is why I usually review the comics from the previous month. There are some times when I can record very soon after release, but not often.