Thursday, January 20, 2011

Batgirl News: Praise and a Sneak Peak

Over at DCU's The Source:

Bryan Q. Miller’s , Dustin Nguyen’s and Pere Perez’s last few issues of BATGIRL have seen a ton of love from the critics lately, and it couldn’t be going to a more fun-to-read book. If you’ve been skipping out on this one, maybe a few of these reviews will help pull you in…

Joey Esposito at IGN Comics gave Batgirl #17 a stellar 9.5 rating:

“I’ve been enjoying Batgirl for a while now, but issue #17 has completely uprooted my expectations for the series. Maybe it’s the interplay between the two characters, the perfectly constructed jokes, or the utter enjoyment I get from Damian Wayne in general, but Batgirl #17 is unapproachable as the best book I’ve read this week.”

… While iFanboy gave the issue their coveted “pick of the week”:

“Batgirl #17 is a comic book rarity these days. It tells a complete story that is compelling, emotional, and not lacking action, and it does it all in just 22 pages. I’ve talked a lot about Batgirl over the last year, it truly is one of my favorite titles, and if you have at all wondered about the book, if you have at all thought about giving it a shot, then I urge you to check this one out. You don’t have to know anything; you don’t have to be following any storylines here or anywhere else. Batgirl #17 is just two great characters playing off each other while solving a crime and reading it was by far the most fun I had with my comics this week.”

And last, but far from least, Ain’t It Cool News gave issue #16 a spotlight review, with all sorts of nice things to say about the book:

“Charming… funny… and a glowing reminder that even the darkest legacies work towards the hope of a brighter future … [a] fantastic issue”

Have you been reading the series? What do you think?

And...Dustin Nguyen's cover for Batgirl #20 is revealed, as well as some information on the issue!

With Oracle out of the picture, Batgirl and Proxy must throw everything they’ve got at the super-fast villain Slipstream.

And by throwing everything, we mean everything - including Batgirl’s new car, as seen in Dustin Nguyen’s cover to April’s BATGIRL #20.

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