Friday, February 4, 2011

BoP and Batgirl Preview Art

Thanks to Zaius for these wonderful news bits! Kimberley may soon be out of a job!!!

Taken from DC Universe: The Source:

A few ghosts from Dinah Lance’s past have come back to haunt her in the penultimate chapter of Birds of Prey’s “Death of Oracle” storyline. Can Batman and Oracle save her from an inescapable nightmare?

BIRDS OF PREY #9 is on sale February 9th.

Click the link above to see more images!

Also taken from The Source:

Dustin Nguyen’s given us some amazing Batgirl covers, and he’s also given us some REALLY amazing BATGIRL covers - this shot of Batgirl perched in front of an exquisitely-detailed stained glass window is one of my favorites yet.

BATGIRL #21 hits stores in May.

I love this cover! It really shows Stephanie's colorful nature, as well as just being beautiful!

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