Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Episode 2:

In this episode I review Detective Comics #363, World's Finest Comics #169, and the recent Batgirl issues #2 and #3. I also answer a few questions and give my literary recommendation.


  1. Another enjoyable episode - thanks Stella.

    I'm re-reading the older 1960s titles - also courtesy of Showcase - as you feature them on the show and, on a general note, I've been reminded how we've lost that 'innocence' of picking up a book for the first time without knowing a thing about what lies between the covers ...

    The cover of Detective Comics #359 screams 'Meet the *New* Batgirl!', 'Is she Heroine or villainess?', 'What is her startling secret identity?' and back then I imagine we wouldn't have a clue! Nowadays with solicitations, sneak previews and message board speculation it's difficult to keep anything under wraps for long isn't it? I'm not complaining you understand - many of us get a lot of enjoyment from previews, message board chatter etc - just an observation.

    Of the two older titles you featured this episode I certainly enjoyed Detective Comics #363 a lot more than World's Finest Comics #169. My favourite line from Detective Comics #363 is when Batman says to Robin 'We must respect Batgirl's ways and means, Robin! It's enough for us to know she has them!'. That's brilliant - so typical of its time! I've read World's Finest Comics #169 a couple of time now and I'm still not sure I really understand the ending!

    Looking forward to the next episode.

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  3. I thought the cover with the Batman's flat tire was hilarious as well. Those things seem to turn up in the 60's covers alot don't they?

    I'm thinking on picking up off of ebay some of the new Batgirl series, I'm just very broke at the moment, but I would really like to just get some of the showcase volumes and catch up on Batman comics from the start.

    Yeahhh John told me about the Taylor Swift thing today and I told him even if Miley Cyrus were to ruin a Batman movie, I couldn't stray away. You gotta take it all with a grain of salt, you know all they care about it making money so they are having researchers find out who's making the most right now and unfortunately Miley is one of them and Taylor. My pick for the two worst actresses to play Batgirl right now would be Miley Cyrus or Kristin Stewart.

    Where do you reccomend starting for someone who is getting into Barbara Gordon comics more?

  4. Personally I think Batgirl: Year One (Beatty/Dixon) is a nice introduction, as is the Batman/Batgirl story by Kelley Puckett published in the mid to late 90's.

    The Showcase stories are fun although those I've read are very dated - hardly surprising considering some of them are 40 years old! I wonder if we'll look back at todays books in 40 years time and think the same.

    When you can pick up the new series - I'm sure you'll love them!

  5. JOSH told me about the show and i downloaded both cast and enjoyed them both. awesome start stella!