Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birds of Prey is Returning


"DC Entertainment's announcements of the DCU 2010 landscape continue on today courtesy of DCU Blog The Source, with news of the return of a book, team, and creative team. Birds of Prey, canceled in the reshuffling of the Batman family of comics in Spring 2009, is returning Spring 2010.

Gail Simone is at the helm as writer, returning to the book that is largely responsible for her success at DC. Her original artist for the series, Ed Benes, is also returning to the series. It will relaunch with a new number 1. Familiar members Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress, and Lady Blackhawk will be joined by at least two other members, currently blacked out on the cover art released with the announcement.

In the first interview on the project, with our friends at Comics Alliance, Simone expresses her excitement to return to the series and characters, and says "I don't plan to let go this time," explaining her desire to be on the book for the long haul."

Soooo, I could potentially be having a Babs-gasm right now! This news excites me, especially because I love the original team of Babs, Black Canary, and Huntress. I'm a little sad because I have not had the opportunity to read through the entirety of the first BoP series and I will not have the chance to (most likely) before this new series comes out. So how should I proceed when this series finally comes out? Should I tack on reviewing another issue? This will equalize the old with the new once I get caught up with Batgirl (2 old, 1 BG, 1 BoP). Any comments, or opinions? Are you as excited about this series' potential as I am?

Ex animo,


  1. YES! Im hoping one of the blacked out characters is Batgirl! Seeing as how it's a brand new number 1, I think it will try to catch you up quickly from the end of the last series.

    P.S I've enjoyed the last two episodes, good stuff!

  2. I'm pretty sure (or at least I really hope) Simone would bring Misfit into the picture. Oh and Manhunter too.

  3. As for how you should proceed when this series finally comes out; I say tack on reviewing another issue because this will equalize the old with the new once I get caught up with Batgirl (2 old, 1 BG, 1 BoP). :)

    Oh and how about throwing in a hard trivia question (i.e. something Bertone would ask in Crawl Space Jeopardy) into the podcast as well and then you can tell us the answer on your next podcast ep.

  4. This really is exciting news isn't it? There have been a lot of announcements from DC recently and for me this has been the biggest ... or if not the biggest then the most welcome!

    Individually the team members are all strong characters (some stronger than others of course) and when they are together the team dynamic is so much stronger than the sum of the individuals (does that make sense? ... it does to me!)

    I'd like to see the book included in the review section of the podcast - as has been said elsewhere it'll add some balance once you've caught up on the monthly Batgirl books.

    As for the two blacked-out figures ... I like some of the suggestions here, particularly Misfit.

  5. I have never really gotten into BoP, but this seems like a good point for me to jump into it.
    And yes, you should definately add this to your list of reviews.

    Also, I too like the idea that one of the blacked-out figures could be Misfit