Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gail Simone Interview on the Auspicious Return of Birds of Prey

Sure you've been reading about this all over the place, but why not from this place? Follow the link below to the full interview of Gail Simone. She discusses her return, Ed Benes, drama, romance, a$-kickery, and all things that are Birds of Prey! What should certainly be good news for many is the fact that no knowledge of back issues are required. New to the game? Now is the perfect time to jump on. Read the full interview here.

From everyone here at Batgirl to Oracle (ie. me), welcome back Ms. Simone!

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  1. In a similar vein, Brian Q. Miller and Christopher Yost have spoken with Newsarama about the forthcoming Batgirl/Red Robin crossover - I wonder if we might see an appearance from Barbara Gordon at some point ...