Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Summer Glau as Batgirl

In Episode 2, I answered a question concerning Summer Glau as Batgirl. I have received a Photoshopped image of her with a mask on from Noctis and, over at the Spider-Man Crawl Space Message Board, PeteParker did another Photoshop of Glau with red hair. What do you guys think? Could she pull it off?

Image by Noctis

Image by PeteParker


  1. It's a shame that we'll never see her take on the role as Cassandra Cain. After seeing her performance in TTSCC, she'd probably be a pretty good Cass. Plus she'd be fairly close to cutting it as a Cass Cain dead-ringer in my opinion. Anyway, could someone please photoshop on glasses on PeteParker's image.

  2. I think PeteParker is going to do another image, so I'll be sure to update as soon as he does. Hmmm, Cass, eh? That could work, but I don't think they would skip Babs...

  3. The chances of Babs being skipped is like Peter Parker marrying Michelle Gonzales with Cassandra Cain as Maid-of-Honor and Nightwing as Best Man. Oh and Mephisto is the priest. Hahaha! But yeah...I definately think Glau can pull off either Babs or Cass; tho I'm partial to Cass. :)

  4. Repeating the words: "It's a shame that we'll never see her take on the role as Cassandra Cain."