Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Oh, Babs fans...if you only knew what I've been through! I have the entirety of Episode 6 recorded. "Why hasn't it been published?" one may ask. Allow me to tell you the nightmare I am going through...

I have had the first half of the episode recorded since the last week of March. I had to wait to do the second half because I did not have Red Robin #10, part of a cross-over with Batgirl. After I received my Red Robin issue, read the cross-over back-to-back, and prepared to record, a scary thing happened: my external hard drive made an odd beeping sound and proceeded to not be recognized by my computer. "What's the big deal?" One may ask. Well, perhaps it wouldn't be such a problem if I had not put ALL of my BtO audio files on there, as well as files from my undergraduate architecture career (things which I was planning on using for a portfolio). After several attempts at turning it off/on and reconnecting, I decided to scour the internet for an answer. I believe that I found someone that had a similar problem: basically, it's the power cord for the unit! All I have to do is get a new power cord and I should be golden...scour the internet some more and viola! the exact power cord/converter from China. I should receive the cord soon, but then it is up to God as to whether my hard drive decides it has been cured.

"Why do I care?" (Gee, this voice is annoying) Well, I suppose you don't really have to care. I just wanted to apologize for the delay. I have been trying my darnedest to stick to a schedule and get an episode out at least once a month. I also am disappointed that this had to happen the first month that Mile High Comics is my sponsor. I feel like I've let everyone down, and I'm sorry! I am hopeful that this will be rectified, and I suppose we shall all find out soon.

Fly on, Babs lovers!


  1. No one can foresee hard drive failure, Stella. Thank you for the update. I'll be lighting candles for the techie fairies and hoping they grant your hard drive live to record another day.

  2. Wait ... your external hard drive has a power cable? You should get one that is powered through the USB connection -- it's much less of a hassle.

  3. Fingers crossed that everything can be recovered - particularly your school work.

    Don't fret about the schedule - good things are worth waiting for.

  4. Thank-you, all! I'm certainly optimistic!

    Concerning the power cord, my hardrive is near 500 GB...so it needs a cord rather than just powering through a USB.

  5. Lots o' love all 'round for our beautiful star!

    Ditto what Zaius said. I'd be an absolute wreck if that happened to me. *knocks on wood*

    As for the power supply suggestion from Mr. Delatour, I have to agree with the convenience of a USB-powered hard drive (I own a 1TB external hard drive powered via USB). Still, like what the old axiom says "S#*! Happens." If you haven't already done so, may I respectfully suggest using a surge protector in the future?

    Anyway, you're the best Stella!

    Keep shining!