Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dustin Nguyen new artist on Batgirl starting in November

As I sit here in Iowa ready to pull my hair out since a teaching job fell into my lab and starts in 10 days and I'm not even in my home state, I feel like it is as good a time as ever to share a bit of news. While my heart is heavy now that Lee Garbett will no longer be the main penciller on Batgirl, I am excited with the news that Dustin Nguyen will be joining Bryan Q. Miller in November as the artist. In an interview taken from CBR:

Batman: Streets of Gotham artist Dustin Nguyen is moving down the street to another Bat title in November. On DC's The Source blog today, Alex Segura announced Nguyen is taking over the art duties on Batgirl from Lee Garbett, who is moving on to a new project.

“This is definitely going to be an exciting venture for me, besides the outline Bryan has for us, i’m just plain excited to be drawing Batgirl,” Nguyen said. “This latest incarnation of her has lots of the aesthetics of the original Babs that i love and some new ones. It’ll take me some getting used to drawing a female in horns, but i’m looking forward to putting away the “mean and moody” for a while and kick in the ‘fun and sexy.’”

Nguyen will work with writer Bryan Q. Miller on the book.

“Dustin’s joining the team at JUST the right time, as BATGIRL: THE LESSON begins. Steph’s world is going to get a smidge more gritty, a skosh more chaotic, and LOADS more dangerous - Dustin’s the perfect man to help tell this tale! And, as an added bonus, Dustin’s on the ground floor for the creation of Steph’s very own gallery of rogues (So, there’s that to look forward to, too!) Consider his cover to Batgirl #15 one of the last truly quiet moments our Batgirl is going to have for quite a while. But she’s ready for it - you can tell from the look on her face. That’s Steph for you — always smiling!” Miller said.

If the cover is any indication, Nguyen will be bringing something special and different to Batgirl. I will miss Garbett but I will welcome Nguyen with an open heart and mind!

Fly on, Babs lovers!

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