Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Future Plans for Cassandra Cain? recently had an interview with Fabian Nicieza, the current writer of Red Robin. Nicieza had some interesting things to say about Cassandra Cain and some potential plans for her. This is only part of the interview. To read the rest, please visit here.

Newsarama: Fabian, I know you didn't want to make too much of a big deal out of Cassandra's appearance in Red Robin, but her fans have been hailing her return in Red Robin #17. Can you describe why you felt she fit with what's happening in the book now and with the world of Batman?

Fabian Nicieza: I just felt the time was right to give Cass a chance to reclaim her status as a strong character. The loss of Bruce Wayne and his subsequent return seemed like the right time to address her "absence" and knowing Tim was expanding into more coordinated international operations, Red Robin seemed like the right book to give her some face time.

She works very well as a wandering warrior looking to help people in trouble and that fits in with the Batman, Inc. -- and the Red Robin -- approach to expanding the use of operatives all over the world.

Nrama: For those who may be looking at this article without having read the story, how would you describe her current status, and what was the character was feeling during her time with Tim?

Nicieza: I'd say right now, all we know is that Cass is in Hong Kong and she is clearly patrolling at night and helping innocent people from getting harmed. Other than that, it's all up for interpretation depending on who uses her next or who uses her the most.

Nrama: Who came up with her costume? Do you think that costume will stick, or is it a temporary thing?

Nicieza: It's just a look we wanted to give her to show she's still operating undercover, but not using the bat-motif. Marcus designed it and did a great job as he does with everything. I might have suggested the half-mask to connote her "mute days" when she first appeared.

As for whether it's permanent or not, that's up to the editors and other artists. I purposely had Tim leave her a set of her old Batgirl togs so maybe when she appears again, some elements of that original costume and the bat-emblem might be incorporated into her new look, we'll see.

Nrama: Gail Simone has mentioned the possibility of a Cass appearing within the pages of Birds of Prey. Will she be returning to Red Robin? If so, can you say when or give any indication where it will fit into what's coming in Red Robin?

Nicieza: I know Gail has mentioned that, but I don't know if there are specific issue plans. If it does happen in Birds of Prey, I'm sure it'll be a great opportunity for the character. If I were a character, I'd want Gail to write me!

I do know Cass will be returning to the Red Robin book to guest-star in a couple issues in the spring as part of a larger storyline between #22-25, but in no way am I claiming "propriety" over the character.

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