Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grant Morrison Talks Batman INC.

Thanks to DarkKnightJared for the heads up! Over at The Source, Grant Morrison shares a little of what is to come for the Bat-family!

“Bruce Wayne’s back from the dead with barely a moment to catch his breath before he must prepare for the battle of his life in BATMAN INC.

“On the way towards this ultimate confrontation, Batman and El Gaucho, Argentina’s No.1 crimebuster, face a terrifying new villain whose world-shaking masterplan stretches across 2 decades, 3 countries and 3 interlocked issues, which also feature Batwoman, a whole new team of British heroes and the debut of The Batman of Africa, in a dark and twisted super-espionage thriller.

“And waiting in the wings are team-ups with Chief-Man-of-Bats, Batgirl and a mind-blowing CGI adventure with Oracle, as piece by piece, we learn the secrets of Batman Inc. and find out what Bruce is REALLY up to!”

What does this mean for our two girls? I guess we will have to wait and see!

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